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Reticulated / Dri-Fast Foam
Rattan Garden Furniture
Reticulated foam is similar to a net. Sometimes known as Dri-Fast Foam, it is a highly porous, low density, light weight, foam with a low odor that has a high resistance to mildew..

Water and other liquids drain through the open-cell porous foam making it an ideal application for outdoor furniture cushions, craft projects, speakers, fluid management and many types of filters. It is used in a wide variety of situations from home craft projects to highly specialized military purposes.

Dri-Fast FoamThe manufacturing process places large foam pieces with similar cell structures into a specialized large pressure vessel. Gases are then forced in that create an exploding process, blowing out the foam cells making them more open and porous. The reticulation process creates resistance to compression and increases tensile strength properties like elongation and tear resistance.

Pores Per Inch or ppi is an approximate unit of measurement that can range from 10 pores per inch to 100 ppi. The smaller the ppi the larger the foam cells. Pore size or Porosity is considered standard at 95%, but can reach as high as 98%.