Custom Foam Parts’ Cellasto Suspension Solutions

Redefining Excellence in Suspension Systems for Superior Comfort

Cellasto Suspension Solutions for Superior Energy Absorption and Durability

At Custom Foam Parts, a microcellular polyurethane elastomer (MPU), stands out for its exceptional physical properties in energy absorption, weight reduction, and durability, surpassing traditional rubber materials. We develop these technologies to contribute to more comfortable experiences across various industries.

INDUSTRIES: Automotive | Consumer Products | Electrical Products

MATERIAL: Polyurethane

APPLICATIONS: Comfort | Vibration absorption | Lightweight | Shock absorption

TECHNOLOGY: Analysis and evaluation techniques |
Polyurethane foaming and material technologies

Application of Cellasto Suspension Solutions

Cellasto suspension solutions offer versatile applications catering to various industries:

Cellasto Suspension Solution For Automotive


Automotive foam solutions enhance shock absorption and stability in vehicle suspension.

Cellasto Suspension Solution For Consumers

Consumer Products

Superior cushioning for comfortable and durable products.

Cellasto Suspension Solution For Industries

Industrial Machinery

Industrial foam solutions provide vibration and shock protection in heavy-duty applications.

Revolutionize Your Comfort with Cellasto Suspension Solutions

Why choose our Cellasto suspension solutions?

Enhance performance with Cellasto suspension solutions meticulously engineered for superior performance. Here’s why our product stands out:

Advanced Technology Features

Wide Range of Elasticity: Cellasto offers a wider range of elasticity compared to rubber, ensuring adaptability to various conditions.

Low Lateral Expansion and High-Volume Compressibility: Exhibits low lateral expansion and high-volume compressibility for enhanced stability and shock absorption.

Superior Durability: Maintains superior durability even after approximately 70% continuous compression test, ensuring long-term performance.

Excellent Support System for Development: Offers a speedy and practical foam design proposal aligned with the development flow, including CAE analysis, prototype sampling, and testing, reducing prototype costs without requiring mold.

Custom Foam Parts | Cellasto Suspension Solutions
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