Custom Foam Parts’ Color Foam Solutions

Elevating Comfort, Style, and Functionality with Customizable Color Foam

Custom Foam Parts Color Foam Solutions

Color Foam, a generic term for Custom Foam Parts (a leading provider of customizable foam inserts, foam padding and foam fabrication services) polyether-based polyurethane foam, serves as a flexible cushioning material with high elasticity, moderate hardness, and lightweight properties. Its soft-touch feel and minimal deformation make it an ideal cushioning material for various applications across diverse industries.

INDUSTRIES: Automotive | Packaging | Consumer Products | Electrical Products | Medical & Welfare| Housing & Construction | Industrial Machinery | IT Equipment

MATERIAL: Polyurethane

APPLICATIONS: Comfort | Vibration absorption | Sound absorption | Filtering | Heat & temperature resistance | Lightweight | Low combustibility | Sealing | Shock absorption | Other versatile uses

TECHNOLOGY: Compounding and polyurethane foaming technologies.

Applications of Color Foam Solutions

Color foam solutions find applications across various industries and products:

Color Foam Solution: Mattress


Comfortable and supportive mattresses
for a good night’s sleep.

Color Foam Solution: Rehabilitation Mattress

Rehabilitation Mattresses

Specifically designed
for rehabilitation purposes.

Color Foam Solution: Orms for Water Culture

Orms for Water Culture

Used in agriculture and water
culture systems.

Color Foam Solution: Cushions for Nursing Care

Cushions for Nursing Care

Provides comfort and support in nursing applications.

Color Foam Solution: Sofas


Enhances comfort and style in

Color Foam Solution: Bra Pads

Bra Pads

Offers support and
comfort in undergarments.

Explore Customization and Excellence with Color Foam Solutions

Compounding and Polyurethane Foaming Technologies

Enhance your product performance with Cellasto Foam Solution, meticulously engineered for superior shock absorption and resilience. Here’s why our product stands out:

Advanced Technology Features

Lightweight and Hardness Adjustability: Available in varying hardness and densities, providing a wide range of options suitable for diverse applications.

Excellent Cushioning: Color Foam exhibits remarkable cushioning properties, ensuring comfort and support in various uses.

Hygroscopicity and Water-Absorption: Chemically stable in water, offering durability and reliability in different conditions.

Excellent Chemical Resistance: Withstands exposure to various chemicals, ensuring durability and longevity.

Rich Variations: Offers a wide assortment of hardness, densities, and coloring options, along with various secondary processing methods for customization.

Polyurethane Foaming Technologies
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