Custom Foam Solutions for Headrests in Your Vehicle

Redefining Safety and Superiority of Your Ergonomics

Custom Foam Parts Innovative Headrest Foam Solutions

At Custom Foam Parts, we excel in creating state-of-the-art headrest foam solutions through our mastery of die-cut custom foam shapes and foam inserts. With a proud legacy spanning four decades, our dedication is unwavering, delivering tailored foam products that redefine safety, comfort, and durability in automotive applications.

INDUSTRIES: Automotive

MATERIALS: Polyurethane | Polyurethane

APPLICATIONS: Comfort | Lightweight | Shock absorption

TECHNOLOGY: Polyurethane molding compounding and foaming technologies

Application of Headrest Foam

Our custom foam for headrests finds application in various vehicle types, specifically designed to enhance safety

Reduced Injury Risk

Reduced Injury Risk

Effectively reduces head and whiplash injuries during collisions.

Improved Finished Quality

Improved Finished Quality

Elevate automotive interiors with innovative skin-in-mold designs for a superior and stylish look.

Enhanced Product Appeal

Enhanced Product Appeal

Elevates the attractiveness of vehicles by offering superior safety and functionality.

Elevate Automotive Safety and Comfort with Our Revolutionary Headrest Foam Solutions

Why Choose Our Headrest Foam Solutions?

Enhance automotive safety and comfort with our meticulously designed headrest foam. Here’s why our product stands out:

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

Skin-in Mold Process: Our headrest foams are crafted using the skin-in mold process, ensuring high-quality products with intricate designs for superior safety and aesthetics.

Enhanced Product Features

Improved Safety Measures: Our headrest foam incorporates features such as back and force sliding, rotation functions, and weight-saving properties, optimizing safety standards without compromising performance.

Why Choose Our Headrest Foam Solutions
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