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Revolutionizing Multiple Functionalities with Mixel foam solution

Mixel Foam Solution’s Multifunctional Revolution

At Custom Foam Parts, a leading manufacturer of foam inserts for boxes, our Mixel foam solution represents functional materials designed to embody multiple functionalities by blending materials with various properties. Manufactured using crushed materials and remnants generated during manufacturing processes, Mixel foam offers versatile solutions across diverse industries.

INDUSTRIES: Automotive | Packaging | Consumer Products | Housing & Construction

MATERIAL: Comfort enhancement | Vibration absorption | Lightweight properties | Shock absorption | Other diverse applications

APPLICATIONS: Innovative processing technology

Applications of Mixel Foam Solution

Mixel foam solution’s functional materials find versatile applications across various products:

Mixel Foam Solution: Legless Chair

Legless Chair:

Utilized for Pioneering Seating Solutions: Innovate Your Comfort Experience.

Mixel Foam Solution: Center Armrest

Center Armrest:

Enhances comfort and functionality in automotive and furniture applications.

Mixel Foam Solution: Japanese Flower Arrangement

Tool for Japanese Flower Arrangement

Unique application in craft and design.

Mixel Foam Solution: Sofa and Side Components

Sofa and Side Components:

Enhances comfort and style in furniture design.

Transform Functionality with Mixel Foam Solution

Why Choose Our Mixel Foam Solution?

Optimize your products with Mixel foam solution, offering reproduction of original material features and easy modifications of physical properties. Here’s why our product stands out:

Advanced Technology Features

Reproduction of Original Materials: Mixel foam solution allows the reproduction of original material features, leveraging the characteristics of the original foam through crushed stuff, creating a blow-molded material.

Easy Modifications of Physical Properties: Modifications of physical properties are easily achievable by altering the formula of raw materials, adapting to various applications.

Two Types of Production Methods: Offers flexibility in production methods—blocks or molds can be selected based on specific requirements.

Short Lot Production Capability: Capable of short lot production, providing flexibility and adaptability to varying needs.

Mixel Foam Solution
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