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Custom Foam Packing

custom foam packingCustom Foam Parts specializes in designing and manufacturing custom foam packing solutions that fit your shipping boxes perfectly.   Our design team will take into consideration your specific requirements to design a solution that meets your protection needs. When designing your custom foam packing solution, we focus the elements that offer lightweight cushioning, optimum protection, workable innovation and cleanliness. In short, we design custom foam packing you that will make you proud.

Whether you need protective packages, insulated containers, boxes or corner protectors, Custom Foam Parts can help you create the perfect custom foam packing solution. Over the years, we have provided custom foam parts for a variety of industries, thanks to our state-of-the-art skills and equipment. See our industrial custom foam packaging page.

While we use a large variety of foams, the most common types include:

  • expanded polystyrene foam
  • extruded and laminated polyethylene foam
  • ether
  • ester
  • graft polyurethane foam
  • anti-static foam
  • and convoluted foam.

Speak to our custom foam packing designers about the type of foam that would suit your needs best.

Custom Foam Packing Design Process

No two custom foam packing projects are quite the same, which is why we take our time to understand our clients’ needs perfectly.  When you need to have custom foam packing inserts, it is important to choose the proper foam and the right cutting method. Custom Foam Parts can assist you with the process. We will prioritize your needs and the requirements of your packaging to help you make the best decision based on:

  • aesthetics,
  • durability,
  • performance,
  • and cost.

We will take our time to discuss your specific needs and challenges, based on your existing packaging. By carefully evaluating your existing packaging and the project specifications, we can select the appropriate foam padding materials and fine turn in-the-box packaging elements, such as foam end caps.

Once your custom foam packing insert has been designed, we will feed it to one of our cutters (computer controlled precision cutting machines), which may be one of the following cutting methods:

  • CNC Cutting
  • Die-Cutting
  • Hot Wire Cutting
  • Saw Cutting

As the leading designer and manufacturer of custom foam inserts, you can rely on Custom Foam Parts to supply foam inserts cut to military specifications, and to cut custom cut foam inserts as well as to offer replacement foam inserts for protective cases. Contact Custom Foam Parts today to find out how we can help you create the perfect custom foam packing inserts.