Custom Foam Parts’ New Foam Edge (NFE)

Setting New Standards in Comfort, Sealing, and Shock Absorption

New Foam Edge (NFE), An Innovative Polyurethane Foam Solution

At Custom Foam Parts, a leading manufacturer of custom foam inserts, our New Foam Edge (NFE) stands as a revolutionary sealing material crafted from polyurethane foam, designed with original continuation foaming methods. This innovative approach ensures superior water sealability, airtightness, and shock absorption capabilities, making it a versatile choice across various industries.

INDUSTRIES: Automotive | Packaging | Consumer Products | Industrial Machinery | Housing & Construction

MATERIAL: Polyurethane

APPLICATIONS: Comfort | Sealing | Shock | Other

TECHNOLOGY: Polyurethane foaming technology

Application of New Foam Edge (NFE)

NFE finds extensive use in various sealing applications including:

  • Sealant for Traffic Lights
  • Sealant for Construction
  • Inside of Sofa
Foam Edge Applications

Elevate Sealing Standards: Choose New Foam Edge Solutions

Why choose our New Foam Edge (NFE)?

Elevate your sealing requirements with Polyurethane foam’s new foam edge (NFE), delivering unmatched features:

Restoring Function

Offering exceptional cushioning due to polyurethane foam with skins, ensuring minimal deformation and superior comfort.

Water Sealability and Airtightness

Superior to skinless foam, NFE excels in water sealability, airtightness, and water-repellent properties. The continuation foaming method minimizes joints, significantly reducing leaks from joints.

Foam Edge
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