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Elevating Performance with Special Surface Poron

Poron: Versatile & Precise Surface Treatment

Discover Poron with a special surface treatment offered by Custom Foam Parts, a leading manufacturer of custom foam inserts in the USA. It is a polyurethane foam, showcases a distinctive cell structure, ensuring remarkable density, uniformity, and fine porosity for prolonged use. With low distortion, even at elevated temperatures, Poron facilitates effortless manufacturing through precise die-cutting. It is accessible in various grades and adhesive options, offering versatility for different applications.

INDUSTRIES: Automotive | Consumer Products | Electrical Products | Industrial Machinery | IT Equipment

MATERIAL: Polyurethane

APPLICATIONS: Shock | Other | Comfort | Sealing

TECHNOLOGY: Urethane foaming technology

Application of Poron Polyurethane Foam Solution

Poron finds application in various scenarios:

Poron Polyurethane Foam Fro Toner Sealing

Toner sealing

Seal toner cartridges with precision and reliability for optimal printing results.

Poron Polyurethane Foam Solution For Anti-Slip Mat Car Consoles

Anti-Slip Mat for Car Console

Upgrade your car console’s safety and convenience with an anti-slip mat.

Poron Polyurethane Foam Solution For Automotive Meter Hood Spaces

Automotive meter hood spacer

Optimize meter hood functionality with superior durability and precision by incorporating automotive foam. This specialized material ensures a snug fit while reducing vibrations, providing a stable and noise-free driving experience.

Enhance Your Products with Poron Polyurethane Foam

Why choose our Poron – polyurethane foam solutions?

Experience the advantages of polyurethane foam solution with a special surface treatment:

Enhanced Features

Poron maintains Poron’s inherent qualities while introducing new benefits such as high friction and slidability with its surface treatment.

Custom Grades

Our lineup includes various grades tailored for specific needs, ensuring surface strength and performance across diverse applications.

Premium Quality Poron Material

PORON material offers exceptional cushioning and impact absorption, making it a top choice for various industries. Its unique microcellular structure ensures comfort, durability, and reliability, whether used in poron gaskets, sports gear, or medical applications.

Poron Polyurethane Foam Solutions by Custom Foam Parts


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