Custom Foam Inserts

Level up your product protection and presentation with our precision-crafted custom foam box inserts.

Foam Inserts

Foam inserts are pieces of foam that are custom cut to fit snugly inside a box or container. They are typically made from tough, shock-absorbing foam. and are used to protect products during shipping. They’re custom cut to fit the exact size and shape of your stuff, no matter if it’s a delicate camera or a collection of wacky bobbleheads and more. Get a free quote for custom foam insert solutions.

Custom Foam Inserts for All Needs!

Protect your products from every bump and bounce with our custom foam insert solutions.

Customize Your Foam Insert, Your Way

Elevate your foam packaging with endless customization options and unique finishes.

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Say Goodbye to Insert Confusion! We Make it Simple

Stop worrying about your products! Custom Foam Parts is the perfect choice for all your custom foam insert needs. Here’s why:

Premium Materials

We offer top-tier foam inserts manufactured for lasting comfort and durability of your products.


With over 40 years of experience, we understand what makes your products comfortable during transit.

Customized Solutions

We offer totally custom made foam inserts to fit your products for a safe and secure transit.

Exceptional Service

Our dedicated team is always here to assist you at every step of your custom foam inserts manufacturing.

custom foam parts
Custom Foam Inserts for Jewelry Packaging

Unboxing Experiences that Captivate

In today’s competitive market, packaging goes beyond a mere box. It’s a chance to set the stage for your product and create a lasting impression.
Foam inserts offer a unique opportunity to craft a luxurious unboxing experience. They:

  • Showcase Value: The custom-cut precision of foam inserts highlights the importance of your product, demonstrating your commitment to detail and quality.
  • Elevate Brand Image: A luxurious presentation reinforces the perception of a high-end brand, setting you apart from the competition.

Foam Packaging for Unmatched Protection and Presentation

Imagine your product arriving at its destination, looking as flawless and captivating as the moment you placed it in the box. Foam packaging offers this reality, combining:

  • Superior Protection: Bumps and jolts on any journey are no match for the supreme safeguarding power of foam. Your product will arrive in pristine condition.
  • Elevated Presentation: Foam inserts go beyond functionality, creating a luxurious unboxing experience that reflects the high-end quality of your brand.
Precision Protection

Where Can You Use Custom Foam Inserts?

Enhancing Luxury and Safety: The Impact of Our Custom Foam Inserts

Our custom foam inserts revolutionize the safety and sophistication of your products, elevating their journey from packaging to presentation.

Precision Protection

Precision Protection:

Tailored to exact dimensions and product fragility, our custom-designed foam inserts secure items snugly, minimizing movement, ensuring maximum protection during transit.

Shock Absorption

Shock Absorption:

Harnessing shock-absorbing properties, our foam inserts cushion against impacts and vibrations, crucial in safeguarding delicate equipment and products during shipping.

Moisture Resistance

Moisture Resistance:

Crafted from moisture-resistant materials like polyethylene and polystyrene, our foam inserts shield equipment from potential damage due to moisture exposure.

Preservation of Integrity

Preservation Integrity:

Maintaining product integrity, our inserts prevent scratches, dents, and damage during transportation, ensuring items reach their destination in pristine condition.

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions:

Our foam solutions are customized to fit your product’s shape and size, ensuring a perfect match that guarantees maximum protection for valuables.

Enhanced Presentation

Enhanced Presentation:

Beyond protection, our inserts enhance product presentation, creating a professional and visually appealing interior upon unboxing, leaving a lasting impression.

We take pride in providing exceptional service and high-quality custom foam inserts. See what our satisfied customers are saying:

Custom Foam Parts saved the day! My delicate glassware arrived safely thanks to their perfectly designed inserts. Won’t be shipping anything fragile without them again. – Sarah K., Boutique Owner

The custom foam inserts we received for our medical devices are top-notch. They not only protect our products but also give a professional presentation to our clients. – Dr. David L., Medical Equipment Manufacturer

I couldn’t believe the level of customization offered by Custom Foam Parts. They were able to create inserts that fit my oddly shaped electronics perfectly. Highly recommended! – John A., Gamer Enthusiast

Wow factor achieved! Custom Foam Parts helped us design stunning presentation inserts for our new line of handcrafted jewelry. Our customers rave about the unboxing experience almost as much as the jewelry itself! – Lisa M., Jewelry Designer

Peace of mind during shipping. We used to stress about our delicate camera equipment getting damaged in transit. Since switching to custom foam inserts from Custom Foam Parts, our damage claims have dropped to zero. We can finally focus on growing our business! – Mark B., Photography Equipment Retailer

A perfect fit for our unique needs. Our company manufactures custom prosthetic limbs. We needed a reliable partner to create foam inserts that would securely hold each prosthetic in place during shipping. Custom Foam Parts listened to our specific requirements and delivered the perfect solution. We couldn’t be happier! – Jane S., Prosthetic Limb Manufacturer

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