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Custom Foam Inserts –¬†Choosing the Right Material and Fabrication Methods

custom foam insertsAs the leading designer and manufacturer of custom foam inserts, you can rely on Custom Foam Parts to supply foam inserts cut to military specifications, and to cut custom cut foam inserts as well as to offer replacement foam inserts for protective cases.

With many decades of experience in foam fabrication, we can help you design the perfect packaging for your specific needs. We use the latest state-of-the-art custom foam insert fabricating equipment, and your inserts will be expertly manufactured in our factory.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Custom Foam Inserts

Selecting the right foam is key to the security of your products. Polyethylene and Polyurethane offer different densities and other properties, which is why it is essential to discuss your choice with a professional custom foam inserts designer.

Cases can be configured differently, depending on your specific needs. In most cases, solid foam pads are used as the base of a case, and convoluted (egg-crate) foam is usually used at the top. Convoluted foam is great for preventing thin objects from moving during transportation.

Pick and Pluck cases consist of precut Polyurethane custom foam inserts that can be removed as individual cubes to customize the space inside your packaging.

Custom Foam Insert Fabrication Methods

Once your custom foam insert has been designed, we will feed it to one of our cutters (computer controlled precision cutting machines), which may be one of the following:

  • CNC Cutting
  • Die-Cutting
  • Hot Wire Cutting
  • Saw Cutting

And many more ways (see all fabrication cutting services)

When you need to have custom foam inserts for your packaging, it is important to choose the proper foam and the right cutting method. Custom Foam Parts can assist you with the process. We will prioritize your needs and the requirements of your packaging to help you make the best decision based on:

  • Aesthetics,
  • Durability,
  • Performance,
  • And cost.

We attribute the professional results we constantly achieve with designing and manufacturing custom foam inserts to the fact that we use multiple measurement techniques to custom cut foam parts. This method delivers the cleanest, smoothest cut that fits your products and packaging precisely in order to ensure safe transportation and storage.

Contact Custom Foam Parts today 888-444-8214 to find out how we can help you create the perfect custom-cut foam inserts.