Custom Foam Parts: Mixel Foam Cubes

Ideal for Foam Pits and Beyond

Custom Foam Parts Mixel Cube Technology

Transform your comfort experience with Custom Foam Parts‘ (manufacturer of custom foam inserts for boxes) patented Mixel technology, introducing foam cubes designed for safety and comfort. Our foam cubes, shaped for foam pits, strike the perfect balance of bounciness and resiliency. With a focus on breathability, air flows through the gaps between the foam dice shapes, ensuring superior comfort compared to typical polyurethane foam.

INDUSTRIES: Consumer Products | Medical & Welfare

MATERIAL: Polyurethane

APPLICATIONS: Comfort | Shock

TECHNOLOGY: Processing technology

Application of Mixel Foam Cube Technology:

Our Mixel Cube finds application in various consumer products and medical applications, offering:

Mixel Foam Cubes | Comfort


Redefine comfort in everyday products.

Mixel Foam Cubes | Shock Absorbtion

Shock Absorption:

Ideal for medical and welfare applications.

Explore the Future of Comfort and Safety

Why choose our foam cubes technology?

Experience the superior quality of our nursing care products, backed by cutting-edge technologies.

Superior Breathability

Air flows through gaps, providing superior breathability.


Enhanced durability through patented cube compaction technology.

Ideal Bounciness

Achieves the perfect balance of bounciness and resiliency.

Mixel Foam Cubes | Custom Foam Parts
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