Static Control Foam Solutions for Diverse Industries

Setting New Standards in Industry-specific Static Control Foam

Ohmflex Innovative Static Control Foam Solutions

Unlock the potential of Custom Foam Parts’ (manufacturer and supplier of custom foam inserts for packaging) Ohmflex, a dynamic static control foam product series featuring polyurethane foam, rubber, and polyethylene foams. With a versatile range covering packaging, electrical products, industrial machinery, and IT equipment, Ohmflex stands as a pinnacle of innovation.

INDUSTRIES: Packaging | Electrical Products | Industrial Machinery | IT Equipment

MATERIAL: Polyurethane


TECHNOLOGY: Compounding and polyurethane foaming technologies

Applications of Ohmflex – Static Control Foam Solution:

Discover Ohmflex’s versatility through application examples such as:

Static Control Foam Solutions | Attache Case

Attache Case Packing Material

Providing optimum protection and shock absorption.

Static Control Foam Solutions | Electronics Packing Material

Electronics Packing Material

Ensuring static control and protection for sensitive electronic devices.

Experience the Future of Static Control Foam Solution

Why choose a static control foam solution?

Elevate your products with Ohmflex’s advanced static control foam solutions. Our commitment to innovation ensures superior cushioning, resilience, and long-lasting performance. Choose Ohmflex for:

Superior Cushioning

Ohmflex’s EAS series (PU) provides exceptional cushioning with minimal strain.

Material Properties

Ohmflex RS lineup excels in weather and chemical resistance, impact resilience, sound absorption, and water sealing.

Static Control Foam Solution | Custom Foam Parts
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