Waterflex: High-Performance Polyurethane Water Treatment Carrier Foam

Efficient Water Treatment with Polyurethane Foam

Revolutionizing Water Treatment with Custom Foam Parts’ Waterflex Series

At Custom Foam Parts, manufacturer and supplier of custom foam cutouts, our Waterflex series revolutionizes water treatment carrier foam. Composed of high-porosity polyurethane foam with a mesh structure, it delivers exceptional performance as a biological carrier in wastewater treatment.

INDUSTRIES: Electrical Products | Industrial Machinery

MATERIAL: Polyurethane

APPLICATIONS: Filtering | Others

TECHNOLOGY: Compounding and Polyurethane Foaming Technologies

Applications of Waterflex Water Treatment Carrier Foam:

Waterflex finds applications in:

Water Treatment Carrier Foam For Filtering


Ideal for water treatment
processes requiring advanced filtration capabilities.

Water Treatment Carrier Foam For Others


Versatile usage in various
water treatment

Water Treatment Carrier Foam For Technology


Waterflex excels in water treatment with advanced compounding and polyurethane foam technologies.

Experience Unrivaled Water Treatment with Waterflex

Why choose Waterflex water treatment carrier foam?

Waterflex water treatment carrier foam solution stands out for its:

Advanced Technology

Waterflex leverages cutting-edge compounding and polyurethane foam technologies for superior performance.

High Porosity

The mesh structure ensures high porosity, enhancing its effectiveness as a biological carrier.

Versatile Applications

Ideal for filtering electrical products and various industrial machinery applications.

Why Choose Waterflex Water Treatment Carrier Foam
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