Custom Foam Parts Moltofilter Polyurethane Foam Solution

Setting New Standards in Filtration with Moltofilter Technology

Moltofilter: Revolutionary Polyurethane Foam Solutions

Moltofilter represents a wide range of polyurethane foam solutions engineered by Custom Foam Parts, a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom foam inserts. Our foam’s 3D cell structure ensures high porosity, enabling exceptional dust collection rates. Widely utilized across multiple industries, it caters to various applications in automotive, consumer products, medical, electrical, industrial, and housing sectors.

INDUSTRIES: Automotive | Packaging | Consumer Products | Medical & Welfare | Electrical Products | Industrial Machinery | Housing & Construction | IT Equipment

MATERIAL: Polyurethane

APPLICATIONS: Comfort | Filtering | Shock absorption | Other diverse applications

TECHNOLOGY: Compounding and polyurethane foaming technologies

Applications of Moltofilter Polyurethane Foam Solution

Moltofilter polyurethane foam solution can be found in different applications across a range of products.:

Polyurethane Foam Puff

Polyurethane Foam Puff:

Utilized in cosmetic applications.

Polyurethane Foam Sponge for Kitchen Use

Sponge for Kitchen Use:

Used for household purposes.

Polyurethane Foam Absorption for Printer Ink

Absorption for Printer Ink:

Suitable for industrial applications.

Polyurethane Foam Eye Shadow Chip

Eye Shadow Chip:

Used cosmetic products.

Elevate Performance with Moltofilter Polyurethane Foam Solution

Why choose our Moltofilter Polyurethane foam solution?

Elevate your products with Moltofilter’s superior filtration capabilities, offering high dust collection rates with low pressure losses. Here’s why our product stands out:

Superior Filtration Performance:

Achieve high dust collection rates with low pressure losses due to the 3D cell structure of polyurethane foam, ensuring exceptional filtration performance.

Selectable Cell Sizes:

Offers a wide range of cell sizes to suit different needs, from uniform size cells to a variety of sizes per 25 mm for diverse applications.

Low Rebound Resilience:

The foam’s low rebound resilience and excellent air permeability make it optimal for pillows, cushions, and other comfort applications.

Superior Chemical Properties:

The MF Series offers oil resistance, while the CF Series provides water tightness, catering to varying environmental requirements.

Easy Processing and Washable Material:

Easily undergoes complex processing and is washable and recyclable with water and neutral detergent, enhancing sustainability.

Moltofilter Polyurethane foam solution | Custom Foam Parts
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