Custom Foam Parts Soundproof Foam Solutions

Redefining Sound Excellence in Automotive, Electronics, and Machinery

Crafting Cutting-Edge Calmflex Soundproof Foam

At Custom Foam Parts, a leading manufacturer of foam inserts, we lead in crafting cutting-edge high-quality Calmflex soundproof foam. Leveraging advanced compounding and polyurethane foaming technologies, our Calmflex series, provide sound absorption and vibration damping and exceeds industry standards for superior performance.

INDUSTRIES: Automotive | Electrical Products | Industrial Machinery | IT Equipment

MATERIAL: Polyurethane

APPLICATIONS: Sound | Vibration | Sealing

TECHNOLOGY: Compounding and polyurethane foaming technologies

Applications of Soundproof Foam

Sound Absorption For Generators

Sound Absorption for Generators

Effective sound absorption solutions tailored for generators.

Automotive Pillar Sound Absorption

Automotive Pillar Sound Absorption

Specialized sound absorption solutions designed for automotive pillars.

HDD Damper Sound Absorption

HDD Damper Sound Absorption

Efficient sound absorption solutions crafted for HDD dampers.

Sound Absorption Rooms

Sound Absorption Rooms

Innovative solutions for creating sound absorption rooms with optimal acoustics.

Experience Unmatched Sound Comfort

Why choose our Calmflex soundproof foam solutions?

Enhance your performance with Calmflex soundproof foam, offering:

Excellent Sound Absorption

Our CalmFlex Series, designed with Custom Foam Parts’s synthetic engineering technologies, provides high-performance sound absorption, surpassing conventional polyurethane foam.

Versatile Product Lineup

Select materials tailored to various sound generation sources from our rich Calmflex soundproof foam product lineup.

Low Combustibility

Calmflex meets industry combustion test standards, providing materials with excellent low combustibility for safety.

Why Choose Our Calmflex Soundproof Foam Solutions
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