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Neoprene FoamNeoprene foam – also known as expanded rubber – is a highly durable, flexible, form fitting sponge rubber that offers a great deal of thermal and moisture insulation. Neoprene foam is able to resist chemicals, petroleum derivatives, oxidation, sunlight and ozone.

The neoprene foam cells act as individual “balloons” that hold without allowing moisture to pass through.

The pre-forming or pre-curing process involves heat and pressure, which causes the additive to decompose and mix with the rubber compound, generating nitrogen gas. It is made by mixing the raw compound with the same equipment used in mixing solid rubber compounds, and by adding a chemical blowing agent.

While this reaction occurs, the batch is placed in an oven where it is allowed to expand to double the size. It is aged, and split into sheets or cording – ready for use.

Neoprene foam also resists breakdown from water. In fact, it becomes temporarily stable when air and water become isolated in the unique molecular structure of which it consists.

We offer a range of neoprene foam sheets and round cord in varying densities for various uses.

Uses for Neoprene Foam

A soft and flexible fabric, neoprene foam offers a fantastic solution to be used for knee- and elbow pads, insulated can holders, wet suits, waders, sports gloves, filler support sealant in traffic bearing joints, and expansion joint filler in concrete and masonry and many other industrial applications.

Buying Neoprene Foam Sheets and Cord

Custom Foam Parts offers top quality neoprene foam that can be cut to your desired thickness and size. Speak to us about custom cut neoprene foam rubber. We’re happy to provide you with the perfect solution for your needs.