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Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam Solutions by Custom Foam Parts

At Custom Foam Parts, a leading manufacturer of Customizable foam inserts, our specialty lies in offering top-quality cross linked polyethylene foam tailored to diverse industrial needs. This closed-cell foam variant boasts a compact texture and exceptional water resistance.

Often used in exercise and camping mats, this foam type stands out due to its higher tensile and tear strength, making it ideal for various applications.

Versatile and Protective Characteristics

Versatile and Protective Characteristics

Our cross-linked polyethylene foam shares numerous properties with standard polyethylene foam but offers enhanced protection for diverse custom foam products. This foam type is extensively used in packaging food, medical items, and various equipment, thanks to its resilience and compatibility with different materials.

Fabrication Methods and Enhanced Attributes

Utilizing foam fabrication services such as compression molding and thermoforming, Custom Foam Parts enhance the resilience, elasticity, and temperature stability of cross-linked polyethylene foam. This modification broadens its range of applications across industries.

Fabrication Methods and Enhanced Attributes
Applications Across Industries

Applications Across Industries

Custom Foam Parts’ cross linked polyethylene foam stands out for its chemical resistance and robust impact-damping capabilities, making it an ideal choice for various industries.

Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam in Industrial Equipment

Secure the safe transport of industrial equipment with our dependable cross-linked polyethylene foam. Its capacity to absorb impacts and shield against shocks ensures a secure journey for fragile machinery and components.

Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam in Industrial Equipment
Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam for Medical Devices

Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam for Medical Devices

Ensuring the safe arrival of medical devices, our cross-linked polyethylene foam offers exceptional cushioning capabilities, preserving precision and integrity during shipping.

Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam in Gym Equipment

In gym settings, this foam provides support for mats, acts as a protective layer in helmets, and offers cushioning in sports gear. Its impact-absorbing properties ensure safety and comfort during workouts.

Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam in Gym Equipment

Adjustable Foam PC Packaging

Adjustable foam PC packaging offers a versatile solution for protecting electronics during shipping. Its customizable design ensures a snug fit, minimizing the risk of damage.

Why Choose Custom Foam Parts?

Versatile Applications:

Suitable for exercise mats, camping mats, and specialized foam packaging, our foam ensures worry-free use.

Premium Quality:

Our cross-linked polyethylene foam offers durability, water resistance, and unmatched tensile strength.

Advanced Technology:

Experience cutting-edge fabrication methods that enhance resilience and expand applications.

Ozone-Resistant Brilliance:

Beyond ordinary foam, our product is ozone-resistant, ideal for food and medical product packaging.

Industry Trust:

Custom Foam Parts are the trusted choice in various industries, ensuring safety and integrity during transportation.


We prioritize tailored solutions, commitment to excellence, and exceptional customer service to ensure your satisfaction.

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